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History of 7 Card Stud

Much like the other card games, the history of the 7 card stuff game is also full of mysteries and uncertainties. Till date there are no proper evidence of how, when and where did this game originated. Also, if you want to know the history of 7 card stud, you will have to spend some time researching on the history of the actual game of poker.

There are several different theories related to the history of this game. It is commonly believed that the word ‘poker’ indicates ‘to knock’ which came from a card game called Poque which was played in France in ancient times. (more…)

Playing the Seven Card Stud Game

Seven card stud is one of the most popular and demanding of online poker games these days. Originated from the standard 5 card stud, this game is played in the casinos, at home and on the online poker playing forums on a regular basis. Over the years, the regular seven card stud players have tried and implemented some changes in the game, as a result of which the game became more intense and thrilling.

A game of seven card stud can be played between a minimum of four players and a maximum of eight players. Before the dealing, each player puts a fixed but arbitrary stake into the pot, commonly known as Ante. The amount of Ante completely depends on the game limit. The more the game limit, the more will be the ante.

After the ante is placed, three cards are distributed to each player by the dealer out of which two cards are open cards and the third one is a pocket or hidden card. After the distribution of the cards the player who has the lowest open card makes a bet and the game carries on. This phase of the game is known as Third Street and the player can fold, call or raise in this situation. (more…)

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