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Bluffing while playing 7 card poker

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Poker Strategy and Tips

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Strategy & Tips » Bluffing while playing 7 card poker

Poker is one of the most popular card games. There are different variant of poker of which 7 card stud poker was an extremely popular game till the coming of the Texas Holdem. Bluffing is an important part in any poker game. Bluffing means to give the other players a false impression that you have a strong hand so as to shake their confidence and gain control of the game. Both professional and amateur players bluff while playing. The whole concept of bluffing was inspired by an English game called ‘Brag’.

Bluffing in a game of 7 card poker can be difficult and tricky because the players can see many of the cards of your hand, thus may have a good knowledge about the kind of hand you may have. There are two main types of bluffs that a player can use while playing 7 card poker – a semi bluff or a pure bluff.

The semi bluff is the most common type of bluffing. In a semi bluff the player who makes the bluff holds a hand that carries some strength and the player gives the impression that the hand has more strength than it actually has. This is a safe form of bluffing because the player has a considerably strong hand to fall back upon if they get called by any of the other players. So the risks involved in a semi bluff are relatively small.

In a pure bluff the player has to take a huge risk. While they have a hand which has no strength, they have to give the impression that they are holding one of the strongest hands in the table. If this kind of a bluff can be carried successfully then it is one of the biggest adrenaline boosts to any poker player. This kind of bluffing is mostly used by expert players who try to find of new strategies to mislead the opponent or by the new players who are still in the process of mastering the game. However pure bluffing is not recommended while playing 7 card stud poker because the other players at the table have some amount of information regarding the kind of hand you may have because of the exposed cards.

So before you bluff consider what kind of poker variation is being played. It is so because in the different variations the players have different amount of knowledge about the card the other players are holding.

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